What We Do

E...ver had to jump over an obstacle, pass a slow driver, skip ahead of someone in line? Some people are always bogged down pursuing goals, but they rarely get close to them. Not us. We're peering around the corner, checking things out a few feet ahead, looking forward.

In 1990, we made the decision to move forward and never look back. Our scrupulous attention to detail paved our road of success from a small print shop to your full service creative agency. 20 years later, our commitment to service is only growing, only moving forward. Rather than think linearly, our successes stem from viewing a project from multiple points of view to choose the better direction. Obstacles are actually opportunities to think more creatively.

You are always right there with us. We listen. We share. We communicate. Our goal is to offer guidance, provide the creative, and keep your objectives in clear sight.

Who we are

You're on your way somewhere, let's call it "forward." You seek sage marketing advice, a better blueprint, an escape from your search engine. Sometimes, your worst enemy can be the walls. Not metaphorical walls, but those very real, white barriers you stare at every working day.

Welcome to a world outside the wall. Welcome to Westphal's Group.

We're a creative agency that likes to break through barriers. We start by listening, taking the time to understand your project and making our goals one with yours. Using the latest in cutting edge technology, we produce superior print, embroidery and marketing materials that are guaranteed to meet your needs and exceed expectations.

We promise meticulous attention to detail and uncomprimising commitment to service. In our world, creative directors, graphic designers, copywriteres, print professionals, and embroidery specialists share a desire to produce something unexpected and always results oriented. Always "forward".

Westphal's Group enjoys a quiet existence in rural Brownsville, Wisconsin, a full hour north of Milwaukee; again, outside the wall. What can a little quiet do for the creative process? We welcome you to stop in at our state-of-the-art facility to talk about a project. Or, take some time to look around this site and see samples of our work.

See you outside.

Content Management


Jeff started his printing career back in 1984 after graduating from high school. Jeff started doing printing in his parent’s basement for clients while attending college. He graduated from college in 1989 with a degree in Industrial Technology concentrating on Graphic Arts Management and o.. Read More

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Rank: Founder
Skill: Print, Marketing, Problem Solving
Married: 18 years
Kids: yes
Hobbies: Outdoors, Socializing, Networking

Culminator of Creative Design


In Miami, I have had the opportunity to work with some great brands. From the hospitality field to food and beverage companies, large construction corporations, fashion industries, production of large scale news paper and magazines, ad design agencies and marketing agencies, I have worked .. Read More

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Rank: Creative Director
Skill: Creative Design, Ad Design, Web Design
Married: Yes
Kids: 1 - Oliver Labarca
Hobbies: Music, Art, Outdoorsy things



Tammy was the first to join the Westphal's team 18 years ago. Serving as the production manager, Tammy oversees all aspects of work completed at our facility. Her impeccable communication skills make her a dependable liaison between our clients and creative specialists, while still assisting in deve.. Read More

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Rank: Production Manager
Skill: Problem Solving, Customer Service
Married: Yes
Kids: 1 son-Connor
Hobbies: Gardening, Teaching Sunday School, Going to see a good band with friends!


Being with the Westphal's clan for 12 years, Pam carries the eye of the needle, so to speak. Pam runs our state-of-the-art embroidery machine; turning your creative endeavors into beautiful stitches. From T-shirts to hats, and vests to backpacks, she carries a steady hand to give you flawless resul.. Read More

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Rank: Embroidery Specialist
Skill: Embroidery design
Married: Yes
Kids: 3 children, 2 grandchildren
Hobbies: Scrapbooking, Spending time with family


Kasey has been in the printing industry for the past 17 years. Prior to planting roots at Westphal's Group, she was employed in printing for 13 years, before leaving to begin a family. These days, Kasey and her husband are kept busy with their 4 year old, 2 year old and 6 month old. Outside of work,.. Read More

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Rank: Customer Support
Skill: Customer Service
Married: Yes
Kids: 3
Hobbies: Drawing, Art


Coming to us from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College with an Associates Degree in marketing and graphic communications, Jake oversees all aspects of our press room. For the past two years, Jake has fulfilled your printing needs with superb results. As much as he loves saving the day on technical .. Read More

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Rank: Pressroom Supervisor
Skill: Mechanical Operations, Problem Solving
Married: No
Kids: No
Hobbies: Hunting, Wakeboarding, Snowmobiling


The newest member of the Westphal's family, Candice joined us from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a Bachelor's Degree in communications. Two years ago, she joined the social media revolution and now works on getting businesses to jump on the band wagon. Through use of social media, video p.. Read More

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Rank: Cross Media Marketing Specialist
Skill: Business Communications, Integrated Media Marketing
Married: No
Kids: Hubert, the 20 lb puggle.
Hobbies: Hiking, fishing, reading & writing