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Welcome to the brains of our little outfit. The smarter, better looking member of the family. Oh, sure, we could tame this part of the site, but our copywriters do the final proofing, so they will only change the copy to something even more infuriating.

There is some relevance to that brain analogy, though. Let's face it, bad copy can make the brightest company look somewhat dim (witted). Poor word choice, verbose paragraphs and careless typos (is there any other kind?) can send a powerfully negative message.

Our writers specialize in their chosen disciplines: websites, ad campaigns, direct mailers, press releases, so you know we'll get your story straight. Proofreading is always included. Would you expect any less from the most perfect people in the creative industry?


We're word geeks. It's what we do.
What do we do 80 percent of the time? We write copy. Our writers speak American English, carry overpriced pens and are only too happy to correct your grammar. The other 20% consists of proofreading, editing, eating, sleeping and breathing.

Our core philosophy holds that details, accuracy and creativity represent the hope for humanity; they must lead to powerful, measurable results for our clients. YOU. Without you, we're nothing but unemployed word geeks.

Copywriting services:

• Ads • Articles • Press Releases
• Sell Sheets • Information Products/eBooks • White Papers
• Catalogs • Web/Radio/TV scripts • Proposals/RFPs


Keep Your Finger on The Pulse.

How expensive is a mistake? The wrong phone number on 2,500 printed brochures, the wrong price on a newspaper ad, or the wrong event address on a press release could literally put an end to a company. Even forgetting to use the ® (registered trademark symbol) could land someone in hot water.

"Oops" won't save anyone's skin. Our proofreaders proof everything - EVERYTHING - before it leaves our possession.

Our extensive proofing process consists of four steps: a visual reading, a separate check of all numbers, electronic spell check, and a visual reading backwards to catch things like "the the" that can often be missed when reading forward. We will even run the text through a second proofreader, per our client's request!

Proofing services:

• We'll review documents your company sends out    
• That includes letters, by the way    
• Let us look over those important e-mails, website updates, etc.    
• Is your existing website error free?    
• If it includes words, call us


Let us take a crack at it.
You might already have copy, but you think it's a bit rough. Poor grammar equates to low intelligence. Passive sentences put readers to sleep. All opportunities are lost when the right idea is described poorly.

Westphal's Group processes client-supplied text, from a paragraph to a 400-page manuscript. We repair mistakes, clarify confusing language, reduce unnecessary words and concepts, and strengthen the message to make sure it makes the full trip through a prospect's brain and truly performs.

Editing services:

• Brochures • Advertisements • Speeches
• Sell Sheets/Fliers • Websites • Press Releases
• Catalogs • Web/Radio/TV scripts • Proposals/RFPs

Language Translation

Worldwide opportunity.
Think of the untapped overseas markets that need your product. Westphal's Group has a strategic alliance with one of the area's largest translation companies to supply you with reliable, accurate foreign language conversion services.

We understand the importance of using native speakers to effectively explain your concept to a broad audience. French fries in America are fried potatoes elsewhere. The wrong translation might suggest cooking a Frenchman in oil. Maybe, that's what you meant to convey, but hopefully not.

Bottom line; the translated message is just as important as the original. And that's what you will get with translation services from Westphal's Group. Capice?

Translation services:

• Multilingual Instructions • Overseas Business Proposals  
• Product Manuals • International Corporate Websites  
• Product Packaging