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Setting Up Payments

It's easy - setting up a payment solution with us only takes about 30 seconds!

  1. Choose a Payment Solution from our list of supported providers (See below)
  2. Enter in your Customer ID/ Account number, merchant key and other details
  3. Click "Save" and start collecting payments!

Supported Payment Gateways

We support a wide range of payment gateways internationally. Please note that geographical restrictions are set by the payment solution, not by us.

PayPal PayFlow Payment Gateway

Available to our customers in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

PayPal Website Payments Pro Payment Gateway

Available to our customers in most countries internationally.

PayPal Website Payments Standard

Available to all customers internationally.

Google Checkout

Available to US and UK customers.

Available to US customers.

Beanstream Payment Gateway

Available to Canadian customers.

DPS Payment Express

Available to US, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysian and Pacific Islands customers.

DPS PX Pay 3D Secure

This is a hosted payment solution. Available to US, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysian and Pacific Islands customers.


Available to Australian customers.


Available to most countries.


Available to customers in (take a deep breath): Denmark, Estonia, Gibraltar, United Kingdom, Iceland, Israel, Latvia, Principality of Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Swiss Confederation, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary and Cyprus.

InternetSecure Authorize Payment Gateway

Available to US and Canadian customers.

MiGS Payment Gateway

Available to all customers internationally. (If you want to use MiGS, you'll need to contact your bank.)


Available to Canadian customers.

Sage Pay (formerly Protx)

Available to most countries.

DIBS Payment Services

Available to customers in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and UK.


Available to customers in Iceland.


Safer is available in most countries around the globe.


Available to Irish and UK customers.


Available to all customers internationally.

Banco Popular (Evertec)

USA, Puerto Rico and most Central/South America Countries.


India only. (You have to register your Domain with EBS before using this gateway.)

Optimal Payments

USA, UK and Canada.


Netherlands only.


  • Replace 10+ systems with 1

    Our fully integrated system gives you the power of multiple software suites, easily controlled from one central interface. Managing your business has never been so simple!

  • Save time, money and unnecessary stress

    Using our all-in-one solution, you no longer have to waste your time remembering multiple logins, installing updates, or syncing disconnected systems. We give you everything you need, when and where you need it.

  • Easily manage your website

    Control your online business with our simple to use online interface. Edit web pages, manage blogs or set up community forums. It's as easy as point and click!

  • Help grow your business

    Make informed decisions, based on real-time reporting and analytics. Our system allows you to keep a finger on the pulse of your Online Business.

  • Manage your business anywhere

    With our web-based interface, you can take care of business on-the-go, without the hassle of setting up servers or installing updates. From the other side of the world, all you need is an internet connection to grow your Online Business.

  • Secure & Supported

    Keep peace of mind, knowing your important data is secure, hosted remotely in our data centers in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. In the rare case that you encounter a problem, a wealth of support resources are available right at your fingertips.

Websites are dead.

It's time for an Online Business. Our hosted and easy-to-use system is designed to meet your specific business needs - allowing you to focus on your goals, not mastering the technology behind it.

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